Accept all digital and contactless payments

POS solutions for all types of payment acceptance - cards, wallets, mobile payment apps and bank apps, contactless and QR payments.


To be the most preferred digital partner for merchants across categories.


To provide holistic digital solutions to merchants. Cater to their growing diverse needs, contribute to their transformational journey with cutting edge products across payments and nimble solutions in loans along with value-added services

Our Timeline


When it all began


Mswipe first POS solution launched in India


Wisepad – Classic mPOS terminal was launched


Our proprietary transaction processing gateway went live


POS loans was launched


Wisepad G2 - The second-generation mPOS was launched


Wisepos - India’s first smart POS terminal was launched


In-house Switch was launched


Launched several value-added platforms - emi Mcards, Brand portal and the Money Store.

Our Team

Mswipe | team manish-patel

Manish Patel

Role Founder & Managing Director

"Why do I have to do
just one thing"

Mswipe | team ketan-patel

Ketan Patel

Role Chief Executive Officer

"You are as good as your last failure"

Mswipe | team sachin-shettingar

Sachin Shettigar

Role Executive Vice President - Onboarding Risk and Settlement

“The day we see everybody using digital payments as the only means of doing any type of transaction that will be the day when this country will see a new dawn in real sense.”

Mswipe | team Nayantara

Nayantara Bhargava

Role Vice President - Digital Alliances & Banking Partnerships

“Growth is taking small but firm steps towards a common goal.”

Mswipe | team Yogesh Verma

Yogesh Verma

Role Vice President - Channel Sales and EMI

“Re-imagining affordability.”

Mswipe | team Harish

Harish Patel

Role Chief Technology Architect

“Platforms & technologies are constantly in flux and evolving ever more, inspite of this applying “simplicity” to software architecture & product design leads to the creation of the most “sophisticated” products.”

Mswipe | team Farhat

Farhat Shaikh

Role Assistant Vice President - Merchant Experience

“Customer service is an ever evolving process.”